The translation unit at the American Language Center (ALC) of Douala translates from English to French, and from French to English for clients. We ensure the confidentiality of clients’ work by assigning job numbers to the documents we receive, and by always referring to the job numbers, and not the title nor type of documents being translated. The four steps below describe our workflow and relationship with clients during a translation job. You can learn more about the type and quality of work we do by contacting our references.

1. Job Acquisition

  • Email: We encourage our customers to send their work for translation through our e-mail account at or
  • Express Courier Service: Customers can also use any of the available courier services (DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.), and the selected courier service will deliver the work to us with no difficulty.
  • Customer visits ALC: Some customers prefer to bring work to us at our premises. They are always well received and all their questions (concerning deadlines, per-page cost, etc) answered promptly and politely.
  • ALC goes to customer: We are always ready at any time to go to client to pick up work from their premises when, and if, necessary. Client can call ALC at 3343-26-42 or 7592-35-07. Fax #: 3347-56-88.

2. Focal Point Designation

Client shall designate a contact person at the client’s office whom the translator can reach at anytime for any question relating to the translation. Such a contact person leaves his/her phone number with ALC.

3. Job Processing

Once we receive work from a customer, it is registered and a receipt is issued that serves as a purchase order and as an acknowledgement that the documents have been received.

The customer signs the receipt as a sign that they have received it and agreed to all the conditions enumerated therein.

4. Job Delivery

A completed job is delivered either electronically (e-mail), or physically, with client either picking up the job at ALC, or the job is delivered at client’s location by an ALC translator.